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Should I get a Nclex tutor?

NCLEX is a very specialized exam, and the exam has existed for over 40 years. Over the years, many books and QBanks have been written, and many of those questions are not new exam questions. Kaplan, UWorld, Hurst, ATI, and other sites have been around for decades supporting students with the NCLEX, and if you are a repeat test taker, you know those resources are not all updated to the real exam. So much exist for the NCLEX that students can get confused about what to study. Some resources contradict other resources, so engaging with an NCLEX expert is a smart approach. Getting a qualified and specialized tutor for the NCLEX can be critical in ensuring your success, especially if you are a repeat test taker. NCLEX tutors can guide you on the right resources, establish a study plan, answer questions, increase confidence, engage in strategies, and much more. So, finding the right tutoring company that is solely dedicated to NCLEX can be a valuable investment. Here are some industry best practices for hiring the right NCLEX tutor:

  • Make sure the tutoring company is devoted to providing specialized NCLEX help. Don’t go with a company that supports many different exams and subjects. This is a BIG red flag. Some companies and organizations focus solely on NCLEX, so you need to make sure to find a tutor with one of those companies.

  • Most people can go on HeyTutors, Varsity Tutors, Wyzant, or other online sites and open tutoring profiles. You need to select a tutor updated with the NCLEX; otherwise, there is no point in hiring an NCLEX expert. Make sure the tutor has taken the test recently or devoted time to research and development. Or, the tutor has a long and continuous experience in tutoring for NCLEX. If you are hiring an individual instead of going through a company specializing in NCLEX, you want to make sure the person has taken the NCLEX within the last 2 years.

  • Commitment to getting students to pass NCLEX is critical. Find companies or tutors 100% devoted to getting students to pass the NCLEX. Hiring an NCLEX expert is a huge investment from a financial standpoint and time standpoint, so you should not hire a tutor that tutors as a side hassle.

  • Do your research and due diligence before hiring a tutor. Please don’t rush to hire a tutor because they are ready to give you a discount. Many companies will offer discounts and put a clock on that discount, so our advice is to stay away from those tactics. Regardless, hiring an NCLEX tutor will be expensive, so make sure you have done your research to hire the best NCLEX tutor for you.

At EZ NCLEX Tutoring, our unending commitment is to get every student to pass NCLEX. Since our inception over 10 years ago, our tutoring program has that one mission of getting students to pass NCLEX. We also know that our NCLEX tutoring courses might not be for everyone, so if you tell us that you do not want to hire us and still want feedback on another tutoring company or tutor, you are welcome to let us know, and we will be glad to provide free advice.

Let’s recap on finding the right NCLEX TUTOR for you:

  1. Look for companies and organizations focus on specializing in NCLEX 

  2. Stay away from individuals advertising to help with NCLEX on FaceBook or Instagram  

  3. Make sure that the tutor has updated knowledge on NCLEX

  4. Do your research, and don’t be pushed to sign up just because you are getting a discount

The key is to find a tutor or tutoring company that specializes in NCLEX. Do your research and find out everything about the NCLEX TUTORING company or NCLEX TUTOR you decide to go with. to know if you will get good and updated information.


Real Students Passing NCLEX

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