Helping students in Canada and the United States to pass NCLEX.


Ronna M. passed NCLEX in April 2021

Testimony by Hayley D. – February 2021

I took the NCLEX RN last month, and I worked with Ronald to help me as I have serious test anxiety, especially after failing it once before. I had a temporary license due to covid, but I lost my job because I failed the test. I really needed to pass to get my job back. I also knew this was helpful as my friend told me that she used this years ago to pass. I signed up right away and worked with Ronald for 8 weeks. I got my results back last week and passed. I will be working back at the same hospital. Thank you Ronald.


Testimony by Sanjana J. – March 2021

My exam was pushed out for many months due to covid, and I had finish school in Dec 2019. When I failed in Dec of 2020, I was panicking. I did well in nursing school and never thought I fail; I was shocked. My mom signed me with this program, and I worked with Kevin all of January and February 2021. I took my test first week of March and I got my scores few days ago and passed. The most beneficial aspect of this program is the strategies they go over. The SATA, priority, delegation, etc. the strategies they reviewed are not in any books I used.


Testimony by Rosalie C. – February 2021

I been working with Martha for 6 months. I did the 16 weeks and took breaks in between as I needed more time for reading. I come from the Philippines, and English can be tough for me. Martha is very patience lady. I am very slow in understanding and reading, and she was very very patience. I also had this lady from the program Marty call me every 2 weeks to talk about progress; that helped a lot in knowing where I was at. I finally took nclex late February and I got my results that I passed. A big big big relief. Thank you thank you thank you.


Yvonne A. passed NCLEX in April 2021


Meike W. passed NCLEX in January 2021