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Our NCLEX tutoring courses have more video testimonials than most other tutoring site. Our program is success-driven as we have dedicated our lives to ONE cause of getting all nursing students to pass NCLEX.

NCLEX Tutors helped Kristen J. pass NCLEX.

NCLEX Tutors helped Brian M. pass NCLEX.

NCLEX Tutors helped Perry O. pass NCLEX.

NCLEX Tutors helped Taylor P. pass NCLEX.


I was just recently informed that I have passed my NCLEX exam and I cannot be any happier!!!!!! 


This journey has been a roller coaster. With me attempting and failing the exam three times, I knew I needed extra assistance. I previously completed the Hurst program and online resources, but it truly wasn't enough. I was devastated and felt like my life wasn't going as planned. I just wanted to be an RN and pursue my dreams, but this test was becoming a huge obstacle. 


I started researching for tutors and came across the NCLEX Tutoring Program. I watched videos and read emails of other students struggling like me, and I finally didn't feel alone, that there were others experiencing the same battle I was. They explained the wonderful perks the program had to offer so I purchased the 8 week course and began classes.


The program begins by assessing your strengths and weaknesses in the first class by asking you some questions. Once that is complete, your tutor formulates a plan and schedule to reach you to the ultimate goal, passing. Every week, we met up online for an hour and completed a different 25 min exam. During the week, homework was sent including powerpoint's, flash cards, practise questions and rationales, jeopardy games and much more. The resources are endless, and feel free to even ask for more or less depending on your workload. 


Not only are you getting one-on-one time with a tutor and getting homework, you are also getting the confidence you need again to be able to write the exam. The tutor is so easy to talk to and uplifts your negative doubts about yourself. 


Overall, I truly believe if it wasn't for this program, I do not know how I would have passed. I honestly thank the NCLEX Tutoring Program for helping me finally start my career and overcome one of the hardest obstacles in my life. 


Thank you again,

Testimony by Baritu Y. 


I cannot thank Lincoln enough for his services throughout the eight plus weeks. He was extremely organized and made it possible for me to succeed. Every week i had a set schedule of what i needed to accomplish and if i had any questions Lincoln always got back to me very quickly. I failed this exam twice before using this service and i believe your service is the reason why i have passed and i have already recommended your service to other people. Thank you again, I have finally achieved my goal and could not be happier!

Testimony by Conor M. 


Updated resources and knowledge found nowhere else.


Here is my testimony to put on your website. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Passing this exam means the world to me. 


I took the NCLEX RN on 1/9/17. I attempted the test 2 times before I decided to get help! I signed up for the 8 week class and after I worked with the tutor I pass with all above passing.  I needed this test in order to complete the requirements to get my nursing license. I live in Canada so I only have three times to take the exam or else I won’t be able to be a nurse. This was my last chance to pass and I had to pass because nursing is my dream. If I didn't pass that last time, I would've had to quit on my dreams.


Before reaching out for help, I had used  Kaplan, Hurst, and UWorld and while that was helpful, I had read the information two times before two of my tests and failed both of them. The book wasn't focusing in on what I really needed help with. In addition, I was lacking strategies to answer select all type questions and prioritization questions.


The best thing about this program is the strategies to answer select all type questions and prioritization questions. I tried everything out there and what my tutor told me is not in any of the other resources. I truly believe in my heart and my soul that it was the strategies that got me to pass.


I really can't stress how I wish I would have thought to find this program even a year sooner! I had my doubts, of course, but every single doubt I had was proved wrong! My tutor was very helpful, informing and was obviously exactly what I needed in order to pass!


Thanks again!

Testimony by Abby G.


This service helped me in passing my exam by they gave me the proper resources to be successful. My tutor was aware with my weaknesses and we practiced on those specific areas. Also, I got 10x better with answering nursing questions and was able to critically think in order to answer them correctly. I would recommend this program to everyone as they were very helpful and accommodating. I enjoyed working with my tutor and I had a good experience.

Testimony by Chelsea S. 


Our program is the #1 NCLEX Online Tutoring Program.


My journey to passing NCLEX has been long and hard, and I am extremely happy I found this tutoring program.  I have been out of school for almost 15 years. I took the test 3 times, and I gave up. I moved on with my life. I had kids. I found another job. I did not need to take this, but in my heart, I felt like I had to finish this goal. I spent so much time and money for nursing school, and passing NCLEX was the last step. I had contacted this program years ago, and I did not go with it because it was expensive. I revisited this site again and decided to do this program. I did the 16 weeks program, and at first, I was just confused and thought I wasted my money. I was not getting things and it was all too much. However, as I worked with the tutor and the counselor they gave me, I was seeing more and more improvement. The structure was well established. I did many many practice. These people really cared about me passing. If they thought I was doing bad, they called and told me. They put plans for me to do more work to improve. These people were very rigorous in making sure that I was fully ready to pass. I took the test last week, and I passed. I thank Kevin for everything he did. I thank Marty for providing support in the process. This is well worth the money. Now that I have passed this test I feel really really really good. I highly recommend everyone to take this program as I wished this was around 15 years ago when I first took NCLEX.

Testimony by Olga P. 


Testimony by Arianna C. 

I took the NCLEX yesterday morning and it cut off at 75 questions. I did the pearsonvue trick about 4 hours after and I got the “good pop-up.” The past two times I failed I got the bad pop-up. So I’m hopeful when I get my results tomorrow. I will let you know what happens!

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