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EZ NCLEX Tutors is proud to announce REx-PN (Regulatory Exam-Practical Nurse) preparation classes for the nearly designed practical nursing exam for potential nurses in Canada. With over 10 years of experience tutoring students for nursing board exams, our team of REx-PN tutors, Rex-PN instructors, and REx-PN experts have researched and developed the most comprehensive and aligned program REx-PN exam. Our REx-PN tutors have the knowledge, strategies, and content to support students in excelling in the REx-PN exam.

What is the REx-PN, and what is the purpose of the REx-PN?

The REx-PN is a required exam effective January 2022 for individuals seeking to become a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) in Ontario or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in British Columbia. The purpose of the REx-PN is to assess the knowledge, skills, and judgment nurses need at the beginning of their careers to practice safely. Successful completion of the REx-PN exam is an indication that the entry-level nurse is safely able to meet clients’ needs in the early years of practice.

What is covered in the REx-PN classes?

The following are the client care needs categories and subcategories covered in our REx-RN courses:

  • Safe and Effective Care Environment

  • Management of Care

  • Safety and Infection Control

  • Health Promotion and Maintenance

  • Psychosocial Integrity

  • Physiological Integrity

  • Basic Care and Comfort

  • Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies

  • Reduction of Risk Potential

  • Physiological Adaptation

In the REx-PN classes, the REx-PN tutors will engage students on the following processes:

  • Nursing Process

  • Caring

  • Communication and Documentation

  • Teaching/Learning

  • Culture and Spirituality

  • Client Safety

Why sign up for help with REx-PN Tutoring Classes?

  • EZ NCLEX Tutoring has for over 10 years developed proven solutions in the nursing education field and has supported thousands of nurses. We have REx-PN tutors ready with a depth of knowledge related to the content tested on the REx-PN.

  • Our REx-PN tutors deliver comprehensive knowledge related to the exam. Our REx-PN resources and REx-PN tutoring services are aligned 100% to the real exam. So, you are not studying wrong information; you get fully prepped accurately.

  • Our REx-PN tutors are dedicated to the Regulatory Exam-Practical Nurse as we have spent years researching and developing the content to be able to deliver the right information and tutoring services to potential nurses in Canada.

Benefits offered by REx-PN Tutoring Help

Our REx-PN Prep services offer courses to future nurses with more benefits than other tutoring sites. Our REx-PN tutoring courses include the following benefits:

  • Instructors specifically trained for the REx-PN exams

  • Flexible scheduling for REx-PN tutoring sessions

  • Personalized REx-PN study plans tailored to individual needs

  • 1:1 REx-PN tutoring sessions

  • REx-PN test-taking strategies

  • Reducing anxiety strategies

  • Very similar exam questions to the REx-PN aligned to NCSBN

  • REx-PN content 100% aligned to the real exam

  • Guarantee to pass REx-PN exam

Our program has supported potential nurses in Canada for years, and we have a dedicated mission to support future nurses of the world. With that commitment, we have developed comprehensive and effective tutoring classes for the REx-PN.


Real Students Passing NCLEX

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