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Unlike other sites, our tutoring site is ONLY focused on providing help for the NCLEX

Brian M. took the NCLEX 9 times, and with our help, he passed NCLEX.
This is a MUST watch video.
Real students passing EVERYDAY!!!

Addy G. passed NCLEX

Taylor passed NCLEX

Olivia L. passed NCLEX

Kristen J. passed NCLEX 

Pass With NCLEX Tutoring

Tutoring students to pass NCLEX everyday



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***Guarantee to Pass***





EZ NCLEX Tutoring Services has dedicated over 10 years to supporting students with NCLEX Exams via online tutoring services. We have devoted our lives to NCLEX and ensuring our students get the best tutoring to be successful. EZ NCLEX Tutoring Services’ has helped countless students in passing the NCLEX exams, from providing updated content to similar exam questions to unique test-taking strategies.

By focusing on NCLEX for over a decade, our NCLEX tutoring program is very uniquely positioned to have unparalleled knowledge of how the exams are developed and the updates made to the exams. EZ NCLEX Tutoring Services’ success record is #1 in the industry:

  • Completed over 70,000 hours of live online tutoring and research and development for NCLEX in our history.

  • Maintained the highest passing rate program with our 8 weeks tutoring classes for repeat test-takers in the country.

  • High passing rate NCLEX tutoring program for international students and recognized as the best.

  • Ranked the top NCLEX Tutoring program aligned to the real exam by students, top universities, schools, and nursing preparation programs.


NCLEX Tutoring Reviews















NCLEX Tutoring helped by Oreyana Q.

Hey. Thank you for much for the last 4 weeks. I appreciate all the time and effort you put in prepping me for the nclex. I am happy to report that I have passed my nclex exam and this is because of you. God bless you and your family. I pray that you continue tutoring for nclex for decades to help future nurses to pass nclex.

NCLEX Tutoring helped by Gregory P. 

Most of my friends from nursing school passed the test, so after failing it the second time, I felt bad. I also prepped more the first time than any of my friends. I did UWorld, Kaplan,, Hurst, and online sites. I always overdo when it comes to a standardized test, and it pays off. However, I did not know what else to do, so I decided to do nclex tutoring. What I liked the most at the beginning they explained to me how to study and put a plan for me on what to study. Following their nclex studying approach and doing this nclex prep course helped me pass on my third attempt.

NCLEX Tutoring helped by Brett S.

My issue with the test was my language barrier. I am an international student from the Philippines. My mindset was that I memorize everything and take the test. I did that with UWorld and failed. Then, I did Hurst and failed.  My husband found this website. He wanted to sign me up, but I am iffy with online stuff. I don’t trust online stuff; I am an old person. I also was worried about technology because I am not good with computers. But, my husband paid for the course. It was not a hard system to use. Very simple. Tutors are very helpful. They stay extra too for the session. Sessions were going past 60 and 70, and 80 minutes because it takes time for me to understand. Tutors not complain about that. My tutor Kevin was really good. My tutor told me to stop memorizing stuff and focus on understanding. He also gave me sheets of what to memorize for the exam. I am happy my husband paid as I did pass my exam. I recommend people who are struggling and international students to take this nclex prep course.

NCLEX Tutoring helped by Shayla G. 

I started looking for a nclex tutor after failing it the third time. The first company I called was ez nclex tutors. I liked what I saw on the site and what the agent told me over the phone, but the price was way over my budget. I did some research and found out that nclex tutoring is expensive. Some companies were charging $3000. I did more and more research, and I came to the realization that good nclex tutoring was going to be expensive. There were few tutors I found on Wyzant that were low-cost but did not get a good feeling. I had done Uworld,, and Hurst, so I need something different. I went back to ez nclex tutors and signed up for the eight weeks course. The course was not a lot of content reading; it was more organized. The questions they did were harder but more like the exam. They did questions that were like 1 line questions that you sometimes see on NCLEX. I felt I was getting my money's worth, not because of quantity but more of quality, and after taking the test again and passing, I knew this was worth it. If you struggle to pass NCLEX, do this program; this will be expensive but well worth it to put nclex behind you.


NCLEX Tutoring helped by McKenzie H. 

I did the pearson trick, and it looks like I passed. Thanks for all the help.

NCLEX Tutoring helped by Tasha I. 

I took the nclex 7 times before I passed with the help of this nclex tutoring program. I did what most people told me worked the first time, which was UWorld, and I was unsuccessful. So, I did some more books and Remar Review as I saw some good reviews online. I studied for 3 months and did worse. Everything was below passing. I was shocked. I did not know what was going on. After that, each time I took it, I did something different. I found a nclex tutor near me, and that did not work. I did Hurst too. After the third time, each time I took the nclex, I cried for hours as I felt terrible inside. I have 2 kids and a husband, and I felt I was letting my family down each time. After the third time, the burden was just going up and up. Each time I had to pay a stupid fee to take the nclex test. Not only that, I spent hours studying time away from my family. Inside, I was very, very depressed. I wanted to give up, but I had student loans.  Passing the test will get me a decent-paying job, which I really needed to pay off my loans and support my family. I was just going insane in my head. Many nights I think about the exam and just cry as I did everything there was to pass. I even did a nclex review course offered by the college. I kept the fact that I took the test so many times from my friends as I was embarrassed. However, after the seventh time, I told my best friend. So she did some research and found this site.  I did not know what to do anymore, and I was desperate, so I applied for the PayPal credit, got approved, and paid for the nclex course. I worked with Elizabeth for 8 weeks. I followed everything my nclex tutor told me to do. I felt good going into the test center; I did have some anxiety as, after this attempt, I literally did not know what else I would do. Thankfully, it never came to that. I passed my NCLEX. I know this program helped me as my tutor reviewed strategies and topics that were on my recent exam. I wanted to give up; I really did. However, I needed a good job pay job, so I pushed forward. I know a lot of people would just give up after few attempts of nclex. My advice is not to give up; do this program as it is well worth it to pass.


NCLEX Tutoring helped by Peyton W. 

I had to pass my nclex to keep my job, and I had attempted the exam two times. I paid $2500 for nclex tutoring sessions to meet a tutor who lived near me. I did 4 hours of tutoring for six weeks. I did tutoring only because I needed to pass badly; otherwise, I would not do tutoring. My experience was okay. The lady I got was very nice; she was a nurse educator. I took my test the third time, and I felt very good. Three days later, I did the Pearson trick, and I got bad results; I felt like my heart dropped to the floor. Then, I thought it might be a mistake, so I did the nclex quick results, and I did fail. I could not start my job, and I was at a loss. I still had to pass to get another job, but I really did not know what to do. I knew if I was ever going to pass this exam, I had to have some very specialized nclex tutoring. I saw before but did not do this program as I had to wait one month. That is why I went with a nclex tutor near me. I decided to sign up with ez nclex tutors. I had to wait five weeks before starting as they did not have openings. I did not have much pressure this time as I already lost the job I had lined up.  I ended up doing eight weeks in 6 weeks. After doing this program, I felt like I wasted $2500 with my in-person tutor. EZ Nclex Tutoring was more focused on what was recently on the exam, and I knew because I took the test not too long ago. My previous nclex tutor did not go into any strategies. Jenny reviewed SATA strategies and priority strategies. When I took the test, I felt good, and I knew 100% I passed. Sure enough, I did the nclex quick results, and I passed. I wish I had just done this program before, and I recommend people to sign up. Don’t hesitate. I lost my job after failing, but once I got my license, I got a job within two weeks.


NCLEX Tutoring helped Sanjana J.

My exam was pushed out for many months due to covid, and I had finish school in Dec 2019. When I failed in Dec of 2020, I was panicking. I did well in nursing school and never thought I fail; I was shocked. My mom signed me with this program, and I worked with Kevin all of January and February 2021. I took my test first week of March and I got my scores few days ago and passed. The most beneficial aspect of this program is the strategies they go over. The SATA, priority, delegation, etc. the strategies they reviewed are not in any books I used.

NCLEX Tutoring helped by Hayley D. 

I took the Nclex RN last month, and I worked with Ronald to help me as I have serious test anxiety, especially after failing it once before. I had a temporary license due to covid, but I lost my job because I failed the test. I really needed to pass to get my job back. I also knew this was helpful as my friend told me that she used this years ago to pass. I signed up right away and worked with Ronald for 8 weeks. I got my results back last week and passed. I will be working back at the same hospital. Thank you Ronald.


NCLEX Tutoring helped Rosalie C. 

I been working with Martha for 6 months. I did the 16 weeks and took breaks in between as I needed more time for reading. I come from the Philippines, and English can be tough for me. Martha is very patience lady. I am very slow in understanding and reading, and she was very very patience. I also had this lady from the program Marty call me every 2 weeks to talk about progress; that helped a lot in knowing where I was at. I finally took nclex late February and I got my results that I passed. A big big big relief. Thank you thank you thank you.

Get NCLEX Tutoring by NCLEX Experts

When you go on Google to search “nclex review course” or “nclex tutor near me,” you have many options to decide which NCLEX tutoring program to help you pass your exam. Many test-takers start questioning which NCLEX tutoring program or NCLEX prep course is the best to pass the exam. If you are looking for a tutor, you probably already have studied a lot of hours and have been unsuccessful, so you want an NCLEX tutoring course that is the best to ensure your success on the exam. At this point, you are tired of failing, and you want to start your nursing career, so you are looking for a tutoring course that will get you to pass. So, how do you know which NCLEX tutoring prep is best?

First, you have to understand that technology has become very advanced, and there are many tutoring sites online that do not specialize in NCLEX or have any clue what is on the current NCLEX exam. With the numerous online tutoring platforms, such as,,,, and many more, anyone with basic nursing knowledge can set up a profile for starting tutoring NCLEX. Just carefully look at some of the sites, and you will see the setup is nearly identical. The sites ask for the contact information, exam name, location, etc., and then you start getting phone calls to sign up. Many sites do not provide a phone number, email address, or chat function on their website.

NCLEX Tutoring leading experts in the industry

At NCLEX Tutoring Service, you get a highly qualified NCLEX expert with years of delivering NCLEX prep courses. You get a 360 exposure to NCLEX with our NCLEX tutoring classes as our experts have years of experience in helping students pass NCLEX. Our program has more NCLEX reviews and video testimonies than any other online tutoring service dedicated to the NCLEX. Most tutoring platforms have many reviews and display 5-star ratings, but when you look deep into the reviews, rarely do you find many NCLEX reviews.

Dedicating services to just NCLEX is a long time-consuming effort. Just look at our NCLEX tutoring website, and every page is dedicated to the NCLEX exam, unlike any other website offering to tutor potential nurses. Therefore, not only do we have expert knowledge of NCLEX, but we have a mission to ensure all our students are positioned to pass NCLEX.


I am looking for an NCLEX tutor near me. How can Online NCLEX Tutoring help me?


Searching online for “nclex tutoring near me” or “nclex classes near me” to complete the NCLEX exam successfully? NCLEX exam is unlike any college exam or a standardized exam. With the wealth of knowledge delivered during nursing school, the NCLEX can cover any topic, so NCLEX can be a challenging exam to pass. You never know what topics will be covered on the NCLEX, but our NCLEX experts do have knowledge of recent topics covered on the real exam as we engage with students every day. So, as you search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing “nclex tutors near me,” you want to be certain you get a good knowledgeable NCLEX instructor. Studying for the NCLEX takes many hours and requires great preparation and hard work, so you do not want to waste your time focusing on irrelevant information. Wondering what the criteria for picking the best NCLEX tutoring program are? To determine the best program, you have to ask a few basic questions to get the best NCLEX support:

  • Is my tutor knowledgeable on what is on the recent NCLEX exam?

  • Does my tutor also tutor other subject areas?

  • Does the tutoring company have a strong dedication to helping students pass NCLEX?

  • Is my tutor going to provide comprehensive and personalized support?

  • Is my tutor going to provide NCLEX strategies?

  • Does my tutor have a commitment to helping me to pass NCLEX?


EZ NCLEX Tutors are top nursing experts with decades of tutoring experience.

Top nursing experts deliver EZ NCLEX Prep Courses with years of experience in getting students to pass NCLEX. Our experience and knowledge are incomparable to other programs as we dedicate every day to tutoring students for the NCLEX. If you want to learn about recent topics and questions administered on the NCLEX exam or learn about Select All That Applies strategies (found nowhere else), you want to sign up for our NCLEX prep courses.

Is my tutor knowledgeable on what is on the recent NCLEX exam?

Our NCLEX tutoring team has years of experience helping students pass NCLEX, so we have more knowledge of NCLEX than most individuals or companies. Because our NCLEX tutors help students every day, our tutors are updated to current knowledge, topics, and questions seen on the actual exam. Moreover, we have a research and development department that ensures our NCLEX prep courses are updated.


Does my NCLEX tutor also tutor other subject areas?

Our advantage and success in helping students pass NCLEX are mainly because this site is only focused on NCLEX tutoring. Unlike other tutoring sites that allow tutors to support students for other exams, we ONLY support the NCLEX exams at this site. When you sign up with our tutoring program, you are assured of having a nursing expert who has knowledge of the exam.

Does the tutoring company have a strong dedication to helping students pass NCLEX?

We request that you look at other websites, such as, Wyzant,, and other sites, and you will see that they advertise NCLEX tutoring help, but in reality, most of their tutors support other exams and subjects. At EZ NCLEX Tutoring Services, we have spent our lives on that one mission of getting every student to pass NCLEX.

Is my tutor going to provide comprehensive and personalized support?

Comprehensive NCLEX review and personalized support are paramount to your success on boards. You need to be well-rounded to be able to answer any question that is thrown at you. Moreover, you also need to target your areas of need to maximize the number of questions you get correct. As you know, you have to get above passing on all categories, so you want an accredited NCLEX tutor that can give you the help you need. We administer assessment sessions and practice every week to identify weak areas and take corrective measures. Personalized support allows you to expand your nursing content knowledge but supports you in increasing confidence and reducing anxiety. ​

Is my tutor going to provide NCLEX strategies?

No one will remember all the content that can be on the NCLEX exam. So, if you want to be successful on the NCLEX, you need to find an NCLEX prep course that provides different strategies. EZ NCLEX Tutors go into strategies for Priority Questions, Select All That Applies, Delegation Questions, Guessing Strategies, and much more. 

Does my tutor have a commitment to helping me to pass NCLEX?

As nursing educators, we know the frustration of failing the NCLEX. We understand the impact failing the NCLEX has on an individuals’ mindset when other friends and classmates pass the NCLEX, and you are still struggling to pass. Our tutors know the importance of passing the NCLEX to embark on an impactful nursing career. When we tutor students, we put care into our teaching methods to ensure students’ success. Plus, we guarantee to pass, so you know we have skin in the game to get you to pass.

What is the best way to study for NCLEX?

Most likely, you are on this site looking for a tutor because you failed the NCLEX. You might have used Kaplan,, Uworld, or some other common program as others told you that those programs worked, or you saw a lot of positive reviews. You are frustrated as you spent years in nursing school plus many days and hours studying for the NCLEX, and when you take the exam, nothing you study is even on the test. So, you start questioning the best ways to study to pass the NCLEX. Should I buy another book? Should I buy a Qbank? Should I get an NCLEX tutor? Should I buy an NCLEX class? You are right to be worried, confused, and frustrated, so we have put together some proven, top strategies on how to prep for the NCLEX.

  1. Prep with updated NCLEX concentrated materials, so that requires to do research before purchasing any books, tutoring programs, or tutoring courses that sell NCLEX studying materials, questions, qbanks, or content. Many potential nurses seeking to pass NCLEX see 100s of reviews of Uworld, Kaplan, and, and hear about it at school, and quickly buy one of these programs. However, perhaps A LOT of potential nurses have used these programs as these programs have existed for decades, so 100s of reviews or even 1000s of reviews is really not a reflection of how well those programs have supported students. Make no mistake, these programs have helped many students in the past, but it might not be best for a repeat test taker. A lot of resources, books, and qbanks have been around for a very long time, so they claim to be updated, but some of those questions have been around for a very long time. Most programs and qbanks claim to be updated, but most questions were written years ago. Our advice is to look at the author and gain background information. Is this author taken the NCLEX? How long has the author been around? If the author first took NCLEX decades ago, does he or she really know what is on the recent NCLEX? Look at when the program started; we recommend going with a newer program as the questions are more recently written. Do your extensive research to ensure you study the best way so you do not fail NCLEX again.

  2. Ask the right person on what is best to study so you don’t continue to fail. If you failed the NCLEX, you need to ask someone who has failed the NCLEX multiple times and eventually passed. In fact, you want to ask few people who were unsuccessful and eventually passed, and you want to stay away from NCLEX resources that did not help them. The person who has failed NCLEX multiple times has more insight into what works versus someone who passed the NCLEX the first time. This strategy is most necessary if you face serious difficulty in passing the NCLEX; you need to buy a book or a program that will greatly increase your chances of passing to start your nursing career. At EZ NCLEX Tutoring Services, we are committed to the cause of getting all students to pass NCLEX regardless of you paying for our NCLEX services. You can call us and clearly state that you are not interested in our tutoring program and you are just looking for studying advice. We will not discuss our program or sell the program, and we will discuss the best approach to help you succeed. Our NCLEX tutors, researchers, and experts can help you devise a successful study plan to pass the NCLEX.

  3. Focus on different types of strategies if you are a repeat test taker, as you probably studied a lot of content.  If you took the test two or more times, you mostly have studied content from different books and resources. You need to get good NCLEX strategies that go beyond the ABCs, Maslow's Herichiy of Needs, or the Decision Tree. You need to learn how to guess and how to determine the best answer between two close answers. You need to learn various ways to approach Select All That Applies (SATA) questions, delegation questions, and priority questions. Many repeat test-takers also have high anxiety, and you need to learn strategies and approaches to reduce anxiety while studying and during the exam. Knowing the right strategies to tackle different types of NCLEX questions can be supportive in passing the exam. At our tutoring program, our NCLEX tutors have come up with over 100 different strategies for different types of questions, so if you sign up with our program, you get the best and most strategies for NCLEX.

So, let’s review how to study for the NCLEX?

Whether you are studying for NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, and NCLEX-LVN, you need to study. Our NCLEX tutors and experts advise the following to increase your chances of passing:

  1. Study the right materials.

  2. Asks the right person what to study.

  3. Find a program that is dedicated to Nclex Only.

  4. Focus on different strategies for the different types of questions.

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